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 It's not the usual method but the new international lotteries that make you win.

It's a software of lotto numbers forecast now available for you.


Lotto Software 2011: is the one and only, inimitable, within everybody's grasp. Ideal for the passionate that want easily find out the most favourable chances at game through the visual analysis of the drawn numbers. Lotto Estero gives you analyses, forecasts and systems, it's a revolutionary software on its kind which analyses are based on the repetition of the numbers ( called “spy numbers”). All the international lotteries are supported. You can also add the new drawings of your lottery and modify, delete, print or save the whole archives.

 Who needs Lotto Software Estero.

Why Lotto Software?

Just a few of the most important functions: analysis of the frequencies on the spy numbers for every visualized lottery. Working out of reduced system (n1,n2,n3 and also possibility of printing and saving your system).
You'll decide which lottery to play and which kind of game you want to archieve. The supported lotteries (which you'll have all the archives) are in order: USA lotteries: Arizona.......Winconsin. The european non-usa and extra-european lotteries: Belgium...Taiwan. The Italian lotteries: Lotto and Superenalotto.
You can also create your own lottery: if you don't find the lottery which you usually play, the software will help you to create it starting from scratch with the option “create new lottery”. The software will check the data you put in and give you the forecast or the system thanks to the method “spy numbers” that made many wins in
the past. The only one thing that you have to do is updating the drawing archives (available since 1990 nowadays for the most lotteries).

 How to play with Lotto Software Estero.

 How can you play at Lotto Estero?

Think that you're playing at Irish or German Lotto. (Remember that you have all the archives of all the lotteries since they were instituted).
Usa lotteries: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachussetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin. Le lotterie non USA europee ed extra europee: Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan. Italian lotteries: Lotto e Superenalotto.


 The software will highlight the data for the searching of spy numbers on the Irish Lotto (select in this case) and will propose to process the forecast (process button). On the left you’ll see automatically which are the spy numbers that did precede the drawings of the numbers (cycle of 3 drawings) in the past and it’ll draw up a list of these numbers in order from the most frequent to the least ( shown on the left of frame).
After that you have the basic numbers for the system you’re going to play. You can generate till 45 numbers (it depends on which lottery is chosen). The default software suggests you 13 selected (till 30 available).
The generation of the system can be worked out in 6 or 5 number tickets (4 in American lotteries).
As you work out the reduced system at n-1 n-2 n-3 you can see it on the right (lottery numbers), print it on paper or file which can be opened through any other software.

 Which are the most frequent sequences?

The most frequent sequences.

Thanks to the options of the menu you can extract the most frequent sequences among 11,12,13,14,15…30 numbers to play in a reduced system. These sequences are available “Export to system” for a reduction with a conditioning in the section “systems”.
The frequent sequences are found out among million of billion possible conditions with the numbers of the lottery you choose. It’s obvious that to obtain such a rigorous research you need a powerful computation and a highly optimised software. The very sophisticated calculation algorithm is able to autoprogramme during the operation. That’s a calculation routine that is part of a new theory of programming… 

 Which couple in lateness or frequency?

The couples in lateness or frequency.

How many couples are generated with tot numbers?
The possible couples with tot numbers of that specified lottery are 4005.(90x89):2x1)=4005 (lottery with 90 numbers). The natural late of a couple of that lottery is about 400 drawings. It’s very difficult to guess a couple in a specified wheel (Italian lotto).

We try it with these game techniques that have given many winnings in the past.
How can we play one number?

We’ve worked out a game technique called “hot numbers” that can give us a single number with a high chance to be drawn in short time.
The software will highlight the data to seek the numbers in lateness or frequency for the selected lottery. It’ll be even possible to view the graphic of lateness and frequency of the lottery, work on the result in the section “systems” to create a complete, reduced or conditional one.
When in the past the lotto player had only paper and a pen for his study he could see only a few of the many frequencies and lateness.
Nowadays we can do all these researches thanks to a “click” and using the special and powerful software Lotto Software Estero.

 How can we work out a reduced and conditioned system?

How to work out a reduced and conditioned system.

The software make every kind of conditioned, reduced, guarantee or with fixed numbers system. The supported conditions and reductions are: Fixed numbers – Distance – Symmetry – Parallels – Consecutive – Interruptions – Rest – Positions – Panel AND – Panel OR – Panel XOR – Panel NOT – Equal & Unequal – Addition – Normal reduced – Guarantee reduced – Normal and max. result reduced – Reduced with max result guarantee.
For every single condition you can find (in the section “statistics” ) a statistic and graphic analysis of the actual and historic lateness or frequency.

Lottoscientifico can also generate every kind of system starting from a saved forecast.

The combinations that the software generates can then be conditioned or eventually reduced. Besides the kinds of reductions already mentioned, you can even generate guarantee systems and reduced systems.

It’s even available to open an orthogonal system (from the section “orthogonal”).
Of course you can print your work (on paper or coupons), with any Windows supported printer.
The software will highlight the data for the seek and the lines to play and all the winnings in the past of that specific system.
How to receive the software Lotto Software Estero immediately at home? It’s easy, just fill the voucher and you’ll have the software after 1 working days.

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